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How To Reduce Your Incorporation Cost By Choosing SHFC

Why we could help you reduce the incorporation related costs? It's just because we could offer something that others can't:

1. FREE ACCOUNTING SERVICES (2 Months) - Worth RMB 3,600 (It's RMB 1,800 per month)

Two months free charge for accounting service: We provide free service charge of the first 2 months accounting services. And for rest of the year, we have part time accounting service.


Payroll and social insurance services for up to 5 staffs start from RMB 1,200.


No hidden fee, No surprise costs on your budget. Not all companies like PTC willing to publish it's service charge online and have their competitors know the details. PTC did put all the service and government charges online and have it updated. We are not companies like some BIG accounting firms charge clients ridiculous consulting fee for incorporation, such like RMB 10,000 for a so called customized Articles of Association (AOA) we did have a client paid RMB 10,000 to one of a BIG 4 CPA firm for that. Actually we published the English version of the AOA online for free.  Don't be surprise, we are more professional than some of them since we have more first hand experience on business registration in China. Some charge USD 10,000- 15,000 for incorporation in China while PTC charge 1/3 or even lower than that. The reason of some of our clients chose us are not because we are cheaper but because we are more professional.


For WFOE, J.V.: Cutting down your investment budget: Why do you need USD 140,000 capital to invest China if you could operate your business with USD 70,000, 50,000 or even USD 15,000 to break even? It's very common that the lawyers, CPAs, other consulting firms suggest you to invest your business in China with USD 140,000 (or even more) while you don't need such amount of investment. We are not convinced our clients that a lower investment budget will be better, but we will make it clearly that you have options, make sure you understand you could use your investment capital in China but you can't repatriate it back, the only money that you could repatriate back will be your profit.

Note: you will need to work out your registered capital of your investment could be OK for the break even for the business in China. A tight investment budget may lead to complicated procedures of increase registered capital.